Online Advertising

Online Advertising

"Your ideal customers are searching, browsing, and communicating online every day. VIVIDSITES can help you reach them."

Advertising used to be simple. You would send a big check to a yellow pages or local media company, then wait for the phone to ring off the hook. Today, the old methods don't work so well. Businesses are responding by cutting budgets on archaic marketing channels that are no longer working for them. How can you reach customers in this new digital landscape?

Search Advertising
Text ads that are served in response to relevant keyword searches on sites such as Google. Because to the clear connection between searches and purchasing decisions, this is a top priority and “no brainer” advertising option for many businesses of every variety.

Display Advertising
Graphical “banner” ads. These ads let your brand and message stand out more than plain text ads. Thanks to big ad networks that handle advertising for millions of sites (newspapers, industry sites, niche blogs) your ad has amazing opportunities to reach people.

Retargeting Advertising
Ads shown to people who have already been to your site recently. This lets you stay top-of-mind and provide additional information to make a sale. The targeting and messaging can get more sophisticated based on which parts of your site people have visited.

Social Advertising
Hundreds of millions of people are on social networks like Facebook every day. Combined with impressive demographic targeting and creative "native advertising" formats, this offers an exciting opportunity to connect with your current and future customers.

VIVIDSITES can help you find the best advertising channels and use them effectively. In many cases, they are less expensive than their offline counterparts, while providing better data and more accountability.

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