Web Analytics

Web Analytics

"Web analytics lets you understand your business like never before."

Analytics are the “brain” of your website and your digital marketing efforts. We use Google Analytics to make your website track what is important to your business. We then help you use this new knowledge to make informed business decisions. We implement the most effective pages, keywords, campaigns, and strategies and give you a detailed report along the way.

Many organizations aren't aware of the abundance of beneficial analytics tools that are available.

Most people don't come to us asking for web analytics. Not because it isn't important to them, but because they don't know they need it, or don't know how to talk about it. If you don't know how to install analytics or do more than click around the standard reports, you are not alone.

VIVIDSITES can help you to understand where your needs may be by identifying key elements:

  • "What are my most valuable search keywords?"
  • "What are the most valuable pages on my site?"
  • "Which of my campaigns are the most successful?"

Our web analytics services are included for every digital marketing client. Our philosophy is simple: better data yields greater results. Whether you're doing SEO or PPC, everything is more powerful with enhanced analytics.

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